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Visioneer Patriot D40


  • U.S. Government Trade Compliant & Registered EPEAT Device
  • Scans 40/80 pages/images per minute (300 dpi) to 70/140 ppm/ipm (200 dpi)
  • 80 page ADF capacity
  • Convert documents into searchable PDF files with OneTouch
  • Set up 9 OneTouch custom “scan-to” destinations




Did tax season sneak up on you this year? Tax season can be a stressful time, whether you are a business owner or handling personal finances. Visioneer can help tackle this stressful time by offering a robust scanner bundled with a premium software package. This solution will not only scan your challenging receipts with ease, but will allow you to organize them, neatly shortening the time it takes to process your taxes.  



When you have the invoices rolling in to your business, the last thing you want is to slow down processing time. With Visioneer Scanners, we allow quick scanning and easy filing which not only efficiently organizes your invoices, but with our OCR software will make finding customers and purchase orders a simple task. Cutting down your administrative time will open up more opportunities to make those profitable sales, and in turn, allowing your business to grow.

Whether you're managing tax and invoice documents for a corporation, loan and brokerage statements for a financial institution or mortgage and home improvement documents for personal finance, your financial records are important and need to be protected.

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